“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” W.B. Yeats

How it's shaping up

We'll outline a schedule and ensure it all runs smoothly.
You'll be setting the agenda in terms of what you want to share and discuss. You can submit your ideas in advance or on the day and then we'll mutually decide what we discuss.

Staying on

Some of you will have travelled a great distance to be with us. While the official programme ends on Friday, many of you may wish to stay on Friday evening to sample some of the local "culture". There are also optional activities for Saturday and Sunday which we can arrange as a group. These range from a tour of 5,000 year old megalithic landscape to surfing in one of the best locations in Europe. We're also happy to offer advice if you'd like to explore on your own.
Day 1
03 Jun 2015
Day 2
04 Jun 2015
Day 3
05 Jun 2015

Welcoming Dinner

Great food, great company, stunning location and W.B. Yeat’s poetry readings. What better way to start to get to know each other than celebrating the joys of fine food together. Our welcome...
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Early risers, morning walk, swim or surf

Take in views over tranquil Sligo Bay and the surrounding mountains. This walk, a favourite of W.B. Yeats is on your doorstep, you can find out more about it here...
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The most important meal of the day. Join fellow participants in the dining room of Ardtarmon house and enjoy a leisurely breakfast, putting happiness at the forefront of your day

A sense of place

What do communities who have lived 5,000 years apart share in common? Sligo is one of the richest areas in Europe for megalithic sites, some of which pre-date the Egyptian...
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Robert Hensey

New forms of mobilisation and citizen action

Emma Avilés will give an introduction to what is happening in Spain regarding the 15M movement and the new political scenario that is unfolding there. Emma will also talk about...
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Emma Avilés
Emma Avilés

David Hillman – Changing the impossible

David Hillman learnt campaigning leading efforts to end Apartheid before going on to work on the campaigns to ban landmines and drop the debt and has considerable experience of bringing...
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David Hillman
David Hillman

Irish Anti-Fracking Campaign

Aedin, a local campaigner from the anti fracking movement in the Republic of Ireland will present the background to their fight against fracking in the North West of Ireland.
Aelin McLoughlin
Aedin Mc Loughlin

Fracking a Fractured Community

Dianne will talk about the added complexities and challenges of running a campaign in a community that is deeply divided, and also has one of the highest rates of posttraumatic...
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Dianne Little
Dianne Little
11:15 - 11:30

Coffee and Tea Break

A sense of self

In this session Kieran Murphy will explore the questions ‘Who is my Self? And ‘What is my Work? Looking at the question ‘Who is my Self?’ is an invitation to connect...
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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy
13:00 - 14:00


Personal Time

Keep talking, catch your breath, have a rest, take a walk, swim, explore the area. You choose.

Group Dinner

We’ll have a bonfire barbeque celebrating the best of fresh local produce from land and sea accompanied by some select beers from a local micro brewer. It’s summer time with long evenings...
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Perspectives from Greece

Katerina will give an insight of the recent Greek uprising in 2011 and how it has evolved till now, as a response to the placement of Greece under the Troika’s...
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Katerina Apostolidi

Right2Water Ireland

David Gibney will present insights into the mobilisation of the Right2Water movement.
David Gibney
David Gibney

Day Two

Our second day will be a mix of campaign presentations from participants, skill shares and workshops. The schedule will be finalised based on the suggestions and input of participants.

Closing session

Reflections on our time together, our experiences and what we have to be thankful for.